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About Pya

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Welcome to PYA, a cultural movement that transcends borders, born from the passion of Palestinian Kiwis in the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand Aotearoa. Established in 2021 by visionary founders Minas, Fathi, Omar, and Hanin, PYA stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Palestinian heritage.

Our mission is clear - to be the stewards of Palestinian culture on a global stage. Through a myriad of cultural initiatives, we aim to preserve and celebrate the rich tapestry of traditions that define Palestine. From culinary explorations to artistic expressions, PYA invites you to join us on a journey of discovery.

In the heart of our movement lies a commitment to technological innovation. PYA embraces the power of modern tools to ensure that the stories, music, art, and crafts of Palestine are accessible to a worldwide audience. As technology leaders, we leverage digital platforms to safeguard and share the timeless beauty of Palestinian heritage.

Cultural diplomacy is at the core of our endeavors. PYA acts as a bridge, connecting New Zealand Aotearoa to Palestine and beyond. Our cultural exchange programs foster mutual understanding, creating spaces for appreciation and collaboration. We believe that by building these connections, we contribute to a more interconnected world.

Join us in celebrating the faces of Palestine, from inspiring individuals within our community to the artisans preserving traditions through their craftsmanship. PYA is not just an organization; it’s a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to preserving the past, embracing the present, and envisioning a future where Palestinian heritage thrives.

As we navigate this cultural odyssey, PYA invites you to be a part of our global movement. Whether you’re a passionate advocate, a curious soul, or someone eager to connect with diverse cultures, PYA welcomes you to join us in celebrating the beauty of Palestinian heritage. Together, let’s bridge cultures, foster understanding, and weave a tapestry that reflects the unity of our shared humanity.

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